Dec. 31st, 2033

Open Post

Dec. 31st, 2033 07:21 am
stonebird: (❅ the cornice in the ground)
I. The sun is hot - swelteringly so - but there is an impressive spread under an ornate tent, waiting for a party to begin. Brightly clothed ladies and lords are wandering about like so many colorful birds, speaking of topics that are both light-hearted and threatening. Do not be fooled by the finery around you; this is a jungle filled to the brim with predators. In fact, lions, tigers and panthers might be kinder! At least they are more straight-forward. These are political predators and they take no prisoners.

On the fringes of the party, there stands a tall young woman with hair of auburn. She is looking towards the bay, her focus reaching across the water to somewhere else; somewhere better. Will you take your chances with the party or seek an escape with her?

II. Winter winds blow stinging crystals of ice against the faces, hands and any other uncovered body part of anyone standing outside of the dark castle. There are lights in the windows - a welcoming, alluring warmth - and the front gate is unlatched. Are you daring enough to enter?

III. The mountain is staggeringly high and the air is thin. Yet, at a seemingly impossible height, there is a fortress. Within the walls of said fortress, there is far too much silence. Your footsteps echo against the stone walls and floor - an empty, lonely sound. In the distance, a door creaks and your footsteps are not alone. Do you hide or confront the stranger?

IV. Create your own!