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Player Information

Name: Riddle
Contact: [ profile] tiger_eyes
Age: 30
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Sansa Stark
Canon: Game of Thrones
Canon Point: After she watches Ramsay Bolton devoured by his dogs.
Age: 18
History: Season 1 through Season 6.
Personality: Sansa Stark was once a young girl with her head in the clouds and her heart full of dreams about knights, kings and true love. The time she spent in King's Landing disabused her of many of those dreams and she has adopted a harder stance on life, religion and what is possible in the real world. She knew her life hung by a thread - she could be executed like her family at any moment - and she believed that the gods were either very unkind or they did not exist. Furthermore, she had accepted that she would likely never marry for love; instead, she was a pawn under the thumbs of the Lannisters.

However, once Petyr Baelish rescued her - unexpectedly - from her nightmare, she accepted a new persona; that persona's name was Alayne Stone.

Alayne Stone was a young woman who knew her place in the world. She was the bastard daughter of Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish and she was beginning her training in courtly etiquette under his tutelage. On the outside, she was polite, courteous and ready to follow the guidance of her "father". Her "mother" was out of the picture - she didn't wish to speak of her - so it followed that she must rely on her adoring "father" for everything she needed or wanted. It was her hope - or so Littlefinger had told her - to make a promising match between herself and a well-to-do young man. As a bastard, that was all she could hope for, surely.

Underneath her act as Alayne Stone, however, Sansa remained unhappy. She hadn't healed from the horrors she had witnessed/endured - including watching her Aunt Lysa pushed through the Moon Door (by her so-called rescuer and "father" no less). At first, it was easy to let Littlefinger take control and mold a new, safe life for her as a bastard daughter. However, after losing her Aunt, she was beginning to realize that he was using her as a means to an end.

She was, frankly, tired of being used. The least she could do was keep her eyes and ears open for a path which would lead her back to Winterfell. She missed her home more and more every day. If she could, somehow, make her way back to that beloved castle and restore it to its former glory, her sacrifices would have been worthwhile. For those reasons, she would be a bastard daughter of Littlefinger, dye her hair dark and accept his kisses. Others had asked far more of her without giving her anything close to Winterfell in return.

The hopelessness that she felt in King's Landing while under the thumb of the Lannisters had, more or less, abated. There were times she was sad and the longing for Winterfell was growing rather than lessening, yet she was focusing her energy into being the best daughter for Littlefinger. Her determination for a better future - something she hadn't had since learning of King Joffrey's true nature - was like a fire burning in her heart.

"With my wits and Cat's beauty, the world will be yours, sweetling." - Littlefinger

She wouldn't let the fire die down - even if Littlefinger was tricking her too. The thought had occurred to her - how could it not after dealing with Lannister lions? - but she was prepared to follow that path. The pale, broken prisoner of King's Landing was blossoming into a true wolf - and lady - of Winterfell.

But there was still a certain fragility about her. She would forever be someone who felt their heart keenly. The best she could do was teach herself to look strong even when she wasn't feeling strong. The world was far harsher than she ever imagined as a child and she knew, thus far, she had been easy prey for the courtly predators. She feared her weakness would continue - especially when she was in uncomfortable territory. But she was finally in a place where she felt like she could make a stand. Maybe not in the manner she desired, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

Alayne, despite her strong exterior, was also prone to anxiety and depression - though she hid it well. How could she not be scarred from her past as Sansa Stark? As much as she liked to pretend she was smarter - stronger - she knew, deep down, that it was a convenient act until she could secure herself behind the familiar walls of Winterfell.

While she was under Littlefinger's thumb and in a new environment completely, her act as Alayne Stone had to be impeccable. Should anyone see through her disguise, she would undoubtedly be faced with either killing them (to silence them) or (since she lacked the physical strength without Petyr's aid) being returned to King's Landing for her execution. She held no misconceptions that Queen Cersei would give her an ounce of sympathy. Therefore, on the outside, despite her inner turmoil over denying her beloved heritage, she chirped lies prettily, met the gazes of anyone who thought to question her and made decisions based on what would benefit her best in the moment (rather than making decisions based on the truth).

Since her time in King's Landing, it had, on multiple occasions, been pointed out to her that she was a bad liar. Those words ring constantly in her ears and she knew she could not let her focus on Alayne Stone waver. There was a certain sense of pride when she managed to deceive someone underneath her guilt. Yet even her guilt had abated over the years. Why should she feel bad for people who would make her life infinitely worse if they knew the truth? No, she had no misconceptions. The naive girl of her youth was dead and in her place, there was a young woman who is prepared to play "the game of thrones" as Cersei put it oh so succinctly.

Never again would she open her heart to another - or so she assured herself. But it had also occurred to her that she could use her kindness to her advantage. Who would expect a tearful woman of lying? All she sought to do was survive until the next opportunity arose. Producing crocodile tears and lying through her teeth seemed like a small sacrifice compared to potentially losing her head for a crime she did not commit.

(Psychological Transition from Sansa to Alayne: Before arriving to the Eyrie, Sansa had been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Joffrey's death would inevitably be blamed on her - especially since she fled during the feast - and her life was hanging on a thread. She took a chance by following Ser Dontos - revealing her desperation - and, consequently, she put herself right in Littlefinger's hands.

At first, the idea of being Alayne Stone was strange. She knew she didn't have a choice - particularly after witnessing the instability of her Aunt Lysa - so she shouldered the mask without complaint. However, after the death of her Aunt - and even in quiet moments before that, she found it easy to push her life as Sansa Stark to the back of her mind. Alayne Stone's life was easier - safer. It resembled the life she had as a child in some ways and, over time, she let the mask of Alayne Stone become her main self. Sansa Stark was like a ghost; like a girl she used to know, but not her.

In fact, Littlefinger's revelation that she would strip away the mask and reclaim Winterfell was met with conflicting feelings. Winterfell had become a place of dreams for her - of course she longed for it - but she didn't feel like the proud daughter of Stark that she had once been. Did she belong in Winterfell? Was she meant to reclaim the title? Her past life as Sansa Stark and her current life as Alayne Stone collided painfully over those inquiries and she could only take one day at a time; one step at a time.

However it should be noted that very little of her conflict had to do with Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. He had urged her to create a new world for herself - one where she could forget the horrors of her life as Sansa Stark - but he had also warned her that, one day, that world would be stripped away. He was a potentially dangerous ally and she didn't give him her full trust even though she did give him her kisses and adapted herself to being his bastard daughter.

Unfortunately her determination to follow the path Baelish laid at her feet is repaid with betrayal. After being forced to marry Ramsay Bolton, she found herself a prisoner again - except this time, she did not lay low and accept her circumstances until rescue arrived. She instead sought out freedom for herself and convinced Theon to accompany her. Ramsay's cruelty, pettiness and greed awakened the wolf in her and when she faced him again, she promised him he would die.

Her reunion with Theon too gives her strength. She recalls how much her family loved him despite him not being of their blood. He owes her family and by helping her, she concludes, he is beginning to repay his debt. Yet she cannot help but hold some familial affection for him. There are memories that time simply cannot erase and she sees the broken man Ramsay had made of him. In a way, they are like two broken halves; if they work together, perhaps they can achieve their freedom and be whole.

Jon's company - and their reunion - further inflames her desire to see herself and her family avenged and the Stark name brought back to the North. She rides with him as an equal to seek out those still loyal to the Starks and her determination to retake Winterfell is unfailing. Even when Jon isn't certain he wishes to risk his life for the castle, she tells him, quite plainly, if he will not fight for it, she will do so without him. The fragile, broken bird of King's Landing has truly given way to a she-wolf with a nasty set of teeth, which she, more or less, proves as she watches Ramsay devoured by his own dogs.

Additionally, she separates herself from Baelish, though she does not wall him out completely. The information he can offer is useful, but the way he handed her oh so willingly to yet another monster cannot be forgiven. She is ready to stand on her own and unite the armies of the North again - hopefully with Jon's aid. Those at her side must be worthy and she will not accept someone who constantly plays both sides. As she knows that is Baelish's true nature, she cannot - nor will she ever - accept him as a full and capable ally.

Frankly, she no longer lets her fear rule her. She knows how to keep secrets - Jon does not know about Petyr Baelish for example - and she knows how to stand up for herself as a daughter of Stark (a quality she displayed before the various Northern Houses that questioned her loyalty). She isn't a Lannister, a Baelish, a Bolton or anything else. She will do what she must to survive, to achieve her freedom and to see Winterfell returned to its former glory.

Thus one could say Sansa Stark's many, many frustrations have reached a boiling point. She will still be haunted by her anxiety and depression - those demons are nearly impossible to shake in Westeros (or anywhere else) - but they will not cause her to bend or break like they did in the past. She knows what to expect of herself by now and she finally has something to focus on beyond her own pain and misery. Hers will always be a kind heart and she is not immune to empathy - though one would hardly blame her if she was at this point. In a way, all that she has witnessed and experienced has made her more like her parents, perhaps. Strong-willed, eager to see justice done and fiercely loyal to the North.

The North remembers and Winter truly is coming; they all must be prepared and, for the first time since she was a child, Sansa has the strength and will-power to face it, White Walkers and all.

❅ She can sew/mend/create just about any garment if she is given enough time to do her research.

❅ She knows how to run a household (i.e. what needs doing, how to organize different functions/parties, how to order servants).

❅ She can read and write.

❅ She can play the high harp and sing.

❅ She can keep secrets and/or lie if she must - with a straight face no less (which wasn't possible when she was in King's Landing).

❅ She seems to have some skill as a leader and perhaps even a tactician.

❅ She is a skilled horse rider.

Strengths: Kindness, charity, bravery, resilience and pride.
Weaknesses: Naiveté, fear, physical weakness, depression and loneliness.

God/Shinki: God
Why?: She has had her fill of serving others. At last she has found true strength - true resiliency - within herself and she is ready to lead rather than silently, unhappily follow.
Top 3 Choices: Dali, Satanaya and Sata.
God Type: She will be benevolent to most, but a fierce, fierce protector of those who nestle under her wing(s). She will not be afraid to strike out at those who threaten or endanger her new "family" and thus some might find her cruel and cold-hearted. As far as the types of prayers she will hear, the more humble the request, the more likely she is to grant it. Prayers for great wealth, for example, will be ignored (unless said prayer comes from someone utterly destitute). She will always try to do what is best for the person, which may or may not mean adhering to their prayer exactly.

I think she will, for the most part, hold very true to the goddesses I chose above. They are protectors of the home, women's crafts and the cycles of nature. Sansa can easily become a mother figure or an older sister to her followers and see that justice is done based on the values her family has always held. Furthermore, where Dali is concerned, her connection with canines will come in handy as a goddess of the hunt.
Power: Bird Song: A type of Siren Song where Sansa can call her allies/friends/followers to her during times of danger. I was thinking this song might have a hypnotic/luring effect on them, ensuring that they must heed it or she will be forced to seek them out on foot or horseback.

Writing Sample

Sample: A girl and her wolf in a new world.


Anything Else?: If you would like another sample, I am happy to provide! :)