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God Info

CHARACTER: Sansa Stark
CANON: Game of Thrones
GOD: Dali

POWER: Bird Song: A type of Siren Song where Sansa can call her allies/friends/followers to her during times of danger. I was thinking this song might have a hypnotic/luring effect on them, ensuring that they must heed it or she will be forced to seek them out on foot or horseback.
FOLLOWERS: 100 860 2,080 3,385 3,995
SHINKI: Soulless (Eteri), The Medicine Seller
TEMPLE: Place: Far Shore
Dali's Temple
    To the naked eye, the temple might seem to be a ruin or a palace that has long been forgotten. Trees wrap around the stone structure as if they are intent on melding with it, yet, upon closer inspection, one may notice that the pillars and the roof are well-intact and sturdy. Once one passes the first wall of "ruins", they will follow a long, columned corridor to a large, solitary tower. The tower is octagonal in shape and very wide. Trees encircle the base except for the path leading directly to the large wooden front doors. Scenes of hunting are carved in stone and wood within and there are large statues of an oftentimes merry-looking goddess tending to the animals of the farm and forest - though there are depictions of her passing judgement on those who have wronged her or gone against her orders. Needless to say, the animals - particularly the dogs - are loyal to their mistress.

    In the main temple area - located at the center on the ground floor of the tower - there is a wide pool for cleansing and bathing and an altar to offer up sacrifices. Three hearths burn with merry fires, warming the space even in the coldest months of the year. On the second floor, there is a large, elegant area to dine on the gifts of nature. There is always fruit, vegetables, grains and meat to be had for those who are hungry. The rest of the floors are composed of studies - the goddess enjoys her books - and bedrooms. Each bedroom is unique in that each one represents a different animal. The wolf room will always be reserved for the goddess herself.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

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