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Inbox; The Far Shore

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[text] July 12th

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I am curious if the offer to temporarily stay at your temple still stands? If so, may I take you up on that offer tonight?
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Thank you. Yes, I am fine. Things have become noisy at home and it's difficult to sleep as things stand. I trust Leo will have things sorted soon enough, so I shouldn't need to intrude for long.
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text > action

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I see... I will keep an eye out and I'll be there soon.

[He gathers up a few things that he'll need over the next day or two before heading out. He'll text Leo to let him know what's going on when he gets there, no point in making Sansa wait outside for him longer than necessary.

When he arrives he has a small knapsack slung over his shoulder and he's wearing a pair of plain white pajama pants, a light blue v-neck undershirt, and a pair of sandals. It seemed pointless to change back into regular daytime clothes when he was dressed decently enough.

You must be Lady Sansa?