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Character Name: Sansa Stark
Character Age: 18
Canon: Game of Thrones
Canon Point: (Season 4 - Episode 8) After she learns of Petyr's plan to reclaim Winterfell for her and Harrold Hardyng, the second heir to the Eyrie after Robert Arryn.

History: Life is not a song.
Personality: Alayne Stone is a young woman who knows her place in the world. She is the bastard daughter of Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish and she is beginning her training in courtly etiquette under his tutelage. On the outside, she is polite, courteous and ready to follow the guidance of her "father". Her "mother" is out of the picture - she doesn't wish to speak of her - so it follows that she must rely on her adoring "father" for everything she needs or wants. It is her hope - or so Littlefinger has told her - to make a promising match between herself and a well-to-do young man. As a bastard, that is all she can hope for, surely.

Underneath her act as Alayne Stone, however, Sansa Stark is unhappy. She hasn't healed from the horrors she has witnessed/endured - including watching her Aunt Lysa pushed through the Moon Door. At first, it was easy to let Littlefinger take control and mold a new, safe life for her as a bastard daughter. However, after losing her Aunt, she is beginning to realize that he is using her as a means to an end.

She is, frankly, tired of being used. The least she can do is keep her eyes and ears open to a path which will lead her back to Winterfell. She misses her home more and more every day. If she can, somehow, make her way back to that beloved castle and restore it to its former glory, her sacrifices will have been worthwhile. So, yes, for the time being she will be a bastard daughter of Littlefinger and dye her hair dark. Others have asked far more of her without giving her anything close to Winterfell in return.

The hopelessness that she felt in King's Landing while under the thumb of the Lannisters has, more or less, abated. There are times she is sad and the longing for Winterfell is growing rather than lessening, yet she is focusing her energy into being the best daughter for Littlefinger. Her determination for a better future - something she hasn't had since learning King Joffrey's true nature - is like a fire burning in her heart.

"With my wits and Cat's beauty, the world will be yours, sweetling." - Littlefinger

She won't let the fire die down - even if Littlefinger is tricking her too. The thought has occurred to her - how could it not after dealing with Lannister lions? - but she is prepared to follow this path. The pale, broken prisoner of King's Landing is blossoming into a true wolf - and lady - of Winterfell.

But there is still a certain fragility about her. She will forever be someone who feels their heart keenly. The best she can do is teach herself to look strong even when she isn't feeling strong. The world is far harsher than she ever imagined as a child and she knows, thus far, she has been easy prey for the courtly predators. She fears her weakness will continue - especially when she is in uncomfortable territory. But she is finally in a place where she feels like she can make a stand. Maybe not in the manner she desires, but beggars can't be choosers.

Alayne, despite her strong exterior, is also prone to anxiety and depression - though she hides it well. How can she not be scarred from her past as Sansa Stark? As much as she likes to pretend she is smarter - stronger - she knows, deep down, that it's a convenient act until she can secure herself behind the familiar walls of Winterfell.

Her fragility will be especially apparent upon arriving in Haven. The fact that her path has been altered again (and that she is in a different world) will hit her hard. The hopelessness of her past will return until she realizes that she can be a strong, supportive role model to others. The shackles that bound her in King's Landing and the Eyrie will vanish and her life will be her own for the first time in her life - and that is even including her childhood.

Slowly, Alayne Stone will transform back into Sansa Stark again.

However, for the time being, while she is under Littlefinger's thumb, Alayne realizes that her act as Alayne Stone must be impeccable. Should anyone see through her disguise, she would undoubtedly be faced with either killing them (to silence them) or (since she lacks the physical strength without Petyr's aid) being returned to King's Landing for her execution. She holds not misconceptions that Queen Cersei will give her an ounce of sympathy. Therefore, on the outside, despite her inner turmoil over denying her beloved heritage, she chirps lies prettily, meets the gazes of anyone who thinks to question her and makes decisions based on what will benefit her best in the moment (rather than making decisions based on the truth).

Since her time in King's Landing, it has, on multiple occasions, been pointed out to her that she is a bad liar. Those words ring constantly in her ears and she knows she cannot let her focus on Alayne Stone waver. There is a certain sense of pride when she manages to deceive someone underneath her guilt. Yet even her guilt has abated over the years. Why should she feel bad for people who would make her life infinitely worse if they knew the truth? No, she has no misconceptions. The naive girl of her youth is dead and in her place, there is a young woman who is prepared to play "the game of thrones" as Cersei put it oh so succinctly.

Never again will she open her heart to another - or so she assures herself. But it has also occurred to her that she can use her kindness to her advantage. Who would expect a tearful woman of lying? All she seeks to do is survive until the next opportunity arises. Producing crocodile tears and lying through her teeth seems like a small sacrifice compared to potentially losing her head for a crime she did not commit.

Psychological Transition from Sansa to Alayne: Before arriving to the Eyrie, Sansa had been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Joffrey's death would inevitably be blamed on her - especially since she fled during the feast - and her life was hanging on a thread. She took a chance by following Ser Dontos - revealing her desperation - and, consequently, she put herself right in Littlefinger's hands.

At first, the idea of being Alayne Stone was strange. She knew she didn't have a choice - particularly after witnessing the instability of her Aunt Lysa - so she shouldered the mask without complaint. However, after the death of her Aunt - and even in quiet moments before that, she found it easy to push her life as Sansa Stark to the back of her mind. Alayne Stone's life was easier - safer. It resembled the life she had as a child in some ways and, over time, she let the mask of Alayne Stone become her main self. Sansa Stark was like a ghost; like a girl she used to know, but not her.

In fact, Littlefinger's revelation that she would strip away the mask and reclaim Winterfell was met with conflicting feelings. Winterfell had become a place of dreams for her - of course she longed for it - but she didn't feel like the proud daughter of Stark that she had once been. Did she belong in Winterfell? Was she meant to reclaim the title? Her past life as Sansa Stark and her current life as Alayne Stone collided painfully over those inquiries and she could only take one day at a time; one step at a time.

However it should be noted that very little of her conflict has to do with Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. He has urged her to create a new world for herself - one where she can forget the horrors of her life as Sansa Stark - but he has also warned her that, one day, that world will be stripped away. He is a potentially dangerous ally and she doesn't give him her full trust even though she does give him her kisses and adapt herself to being his bastard daughter.

Inventory: Her dress/boots/cloak/underthings, a sword, a bow, arrows and a very special hair-clip (given to her in Ruby City along with the weapons). There is nothing magical or powerful about it, but it means the world to her.
Abilities: Her knowledge of courtly etiquette and how to be a true lady (does such a thing exist?) is vast. Other than that, she is a regular young woman who has been used as a pawn in a vast, terrible game.

❅ She can sew/mend/create just about any garment if she is given enough time to do her research.

❅ She knows how to run a household (i.e. what needs doing, how to organize different functions/parties, how to order servants).

❅ She can read and write.

❅ She is a better liar since leaving King's Landing and she knows how to retain her manners even in chaotic situations.

❅ In Ruby City, she learns how to handle a sword, a bow and arrows and, basically, Elvish defensive techniques. She isn't an expert or very good, but she stands a much better chance at holding her own in a fight than she did before.

❅ In Ruby City, she learns some words/phrases in Sindarin and Quenya. She is not fluent in Elvish by any stretch of the imagination, but she knows affectionate terms and family titles.

Flaws: Sansa has many flaws and she is aware of most of them:

❅ She was quite the brat and incredibly naive as a child. It is, in part, her fault that her family fell into the Lannister trap. Though she has grown from that experience and learned not to trust easily - the Elves have helped her trust them, at least - she is still naive at times and not entirely immune to kind words and/or charming smiles.

❅ Her mannerisms/etiquette are generally quite proper. She can seem cold or downright aloof to others without meaning to be perceived as such.

❅ She has many, many horrible memories and when a situation brings them into light again, she can panic or even grow angry. (Many in her canon probably have PTSD, so, at least, she isn't alone?)

Previous Game and Time: June 2015-July 2017
Previous Development: Whilst in Ruby City, Sansa, at first, is reunited with some deceased - to her - family members. They remind her of who she used to be and who she needs to become. She fights with her identity, relearning to not fear being a Stark; to, instead, find pride in it. However, before she can settle into being Sansa - daughter of Eddard and sister of Bran - again, her family is taken from her. She is left alone in the house they had claimed for their own and she decides to, once again, shield herself behind her identity as Alayne Stone. Whilst in this persona, she lies frequently and pretends that her past is much simpler - and far less bloody.

However the lies cannot last. A family of Elves (of the Tolkien variety) discover her solitude and invite her into their own. She is so miserable that she accepts - only to find everything she has ever wanted (sans her blood relatives). As the months pass, Sansa cooks, embroiders and generally enjoys the peace her housemates offer her. Then, after a nightmare that makes her physically ill, she realizes that the Elves are treating her like family and that she desperately wants to return the affection. Maedhros and Fingon hold her until she falls asleep that night and she awakens brighter and happier for it.

At some point, she learns enough Elvish (from other Elves in the city) to know the word for "father". Maedhros earns that title and his brother, Maglor, earns the title "uncle". (Fingon leaves the city or else she would have named him too. However when he returns, he too becomes a sort of...third...father.) She also raises a wolf pup and that pup - once grown - leads to more pups; one of which she keeps in the house and names Jonquil.

So Sansa ends up with more than one pack to call her own. As such, she is stronger, more confident and kinder than ever. In a way, she is making up for the years robbed from her by the tragedies and horrors of Westeros, but, instead of being a spoiled child, she is someone who really appreciates all she is given. And she wants to return the favor and rise above petty cruelty and malice.

While she can't say she forgives the Lannisters - she knows she is stronger than them. She has love; she can give love and she understands loyalty.

Action Log Sample: Test Drive~

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