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I. The sun is hot - swelteringly so - but there is an impressive spread under an ornate tent, waiting for a party to begin. Brightly clothed ladies and lords are wandering about like so many colorful birds, speaking of topics that are both light-hearted and threatening. Do not be fooled by the finery around you; this is a jungle filled to the brim with predators. In fact, lions, tigers and panthers might be kinder! At least they are more straight-forward. These are political predators and they take no prisoners.

On the fringes of the party, there stands a tall young woman with hair of auburn. She is looking towards the bay, her focus reaching across the water to somewhere else; somewhere better. Will you take your chances with the party or seek an escape with her?

II. Winter winds blow stinging crystals of ice against the faces, hands and any other uncovered body part of anyone standing outside of the dark castle. There are lights in the windows - a welcoming, alluring warmth - and the front gate is unlatched. Are you daring enough to enter?

III. The mountain is staggeringly high and the air is thin. Yet, at a seemingly impossible height, there is a fortress. Within the walls of said fortress, there is far too much silence. Your footsteps echo against the stone walls and floor - an empty, lonely sound. In the distance, a door creaks and your footsteps are not alone. Do you hide or confront the stranger?

IV. Create your own!
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He was not expecting to be able to see her again, but that the doors open for her as well does not displease him. He is not his brother, but he means to keep her safe.

Still, a homeless wanderer is no place for one such as her - he decides quickly to take her to Gondor.

"The journey will be long, Sansa - and not terribly easy, I fear. But we will pass a few places along the way - you have heard the tales, and now you will see them! Is there anywhere you wish to tarry?"
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"Ssh." He wraps his arms around her fondly. "We risked it, and we have succeeded. You need never go back to that place and those folk again. Here, you will be safe. I will keep you so."
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He smiles down at her. "I do not know. But the life of a wanderer is not for you, my little firehair. You will do better in a city, and ... well. Men do not easily dwell in elven lands, and Thranduil's Silvan folk are very much wilder than anything you are used to. It does not harm to try."
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"You could - but Maedhros would never forgive me if I allowed it." He says fondly.

"No." He sighs softly. "But in Gondor... or even here in Arnor, maybe - but I think you will do better in the White City."
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"He would." Maglor smiles back at her and falters briefly.

"I... yes, I suppose... it will be very empty, by now, but Elladan and Elrohir still rule there, what few of their folk remain..."
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"No." He smiles at her fondly. "Just a little sad. I would have liked you to see it at it's best. But the Elves are Sailing - it is the Age of Men."
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"I am used to lonely." He shrugs and smiles at her. "But if you are here, I will not be, true?"
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"Ahhh, no frowns my little hawk." He reaches over to tug her hair lightly

"Tis a new start for you, hm? Hopefully, a better life." He will see that it is so.
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He squeaks in mock consternation at her when she does, promptly retaliating.

"I wish Maedhros could be here as well, but I will keep you safe."

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"Go retrieve the daughter of your heart. Call for us when you have her, or have chosen to remain with her."

Last words rang in Maedhros' ear as he found himself standing before a cold and dark land covered in snow and ice. He wrapped his cloak around him tightly, finding he had both hands even here and cast a thought of gratitude to Eru for his mercy. From what Sansa had told him, this could well be her home.

Lights in the windows. The Elf pulled his hood down low and he pushed the door open to begin his search. Hoping his daughter's memories of him remained.
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Underfed, perhaps, but Maedhros could see the care and love they were receiving, and knew it was only a matter of time before they were back in top form. A detail he felt sure he recognized as Sansa's hand, her love was in each stone he saw. He made no attempt to go further in, waiting patiently as he knew someone had to come at the noise.

Well, one did, though the shriek she gave was not what he was hoping. He drew in a breath to try and explain himself, then found it was also unnecessary as the very person he'd come to find ran into view and he could only smile softly. He'd not drawn any weapon, had no reason or intention either. And now he certainly had only a reason if Sansa were attacked.

When the maid was dismissed, he swept his daughter up in a fierce embrace, joy shining in pale eyes. "I am here by the grace of Eru Himself, yenya. He has gifted me with either remaining here with you, or bring you home with me."
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Sansa Stark had learned too much to be so foolish. Maedhros had seen the change, watched her blossom, just in the time he'd known her. He was intensely proud of her, and equally grateful he wouldn't be parted from her despite all his evils. He was better, he'd been told, his light and fire reawakened but tempered.

He could go home.

Gentle fingers fondly ran over her long hair and he smiled warmly down at her, waiting for her choice. He'd accept either, though a selfish part of him hoped she would leave the world which had treated her so ill.

He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "You always will," he accepted. Then a bright smile answered her choice and he hugged her close. "Then you had best make your farewells, for I think you will not return."
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Just as Sansa was a large part of why Maedhros had healed so well. She'd encouraged him, shown him life was still worth living, and reminded him of precious things to focus on. And Eru and all the Valar knew it, for even if they had been unaware, Maedhros had spoken of his time in Ruby City and they'd learned his heart and how aware of it he'd become.

He held her close, affectionate touch to her hair not pausing. "That is as it should be. I will never forget how Aman once was, though it will never be the same." He would stay as close to her as she'd allow now, wherever they were. Though not too close, if she found a worthy partner!

"I cannot promise it will always be peaceful on Arda, but I have more reason than ever to have faith in Eru's love."

A shake of his head. "I spent only the time meant for me in Lord Mandos' Halls, then was brought before the Valar before I was sent here to find you. But they will be there waiting when we arrive, I am sure."